Delvigne, Captain Henri-Gustave

Delvigne, Captain Henri-Gustave
SUBJECT AREA: Weapons and armour
b. 1799 Hamburg, Germany
d. 18 October 1876 Toulon, France
French soldier and firearms designer.
He joined the French army after the restoration of the monarchy in 1815 and rose to the rank of Captain in the Royal Guard. His main interest was in developing a more effective rifle, and in 1826 he produced a model in which the chamber was narrower than the bore. By tapping the musket ball with the ramrod, the ball could be made to fit into the grooves of the rifling, thus ensuring greater accuracy and increased effective range over previous models. The French army adopted Delvigne's rifle and used it with some success in Algeria in the 1830s. In the meantime Delvigne tried to go a stage further by designing a cylindro-conical bullet with a hollow base, which would enable it to expand into the grooves when fired, but his concept did not come to total fruition and was left to Minié to develop some twenty years later. Even so, in 1842 Delvigne completed the design of a chambered breech rifle, which was also adopted by the French army.

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